We have a strong commitment to sustainability – from the wood we buy to the energy we consume, we are fully aware of our environmental impact and continuously address areas for improvement within our processes. Regular communication with our suppliers also enables us to identify opportunities for improvement within the supply chain. We have many accreditations and memberships to support our environmental management services including ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC certificates.

As a supplier of solely timber products, forest management is extremely important to us. We make every effort to source materials from sustainable suppliers and thus our Nordic redwood is approved by both Greenpeace and the Forests Forever Campaign.

As well as focusing on the sustainability of our resources, the Benlowe Group also has policies in place to reduce manufacturing waste and energy consumption. Rejected timber is recycled wherever possible and all our paints are water-based to reduce the release of harmful fumes. To read our environmental policy in full, download it here.

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