ClimEight Doorsets

ClimEight Door
The ClimEight engineered insulated timber door has been designed to obtain the highest thermal values with the latest contemporary designs for the modern home.

Choose from many alternative designed facias along with glazing and finishing options.

Whilst the ClimEight door was originally designed as a wholly timber application it has now been successfully integrated as an alternative door option for our Design 5 aluminium clad timber window and frame range.

Manufactured with a laminated softwood outer frame and a triple horizontal and vertical cross banded external grade veneered outer face. Extra strength and stability is offered with both faces reinforced with an aluminium internal sheet which also acts as a moisture barrier. The core is then filled with a rigid CFC free polystyrene foam, which then offers exceptional thermal qualities.

To meet the latest security standards the ClimEight doorset has undergone the latest testing at a UKAS test lab to obtain PAS23/24 Secured By Design

Insulated plate of extruded polystyrene rigid foam (XPS)

Vertical veneer on the reverse side

Alumunium moisture barrier and stabilising sheet

Vertical veneer - secure stability

Horizontal veneer - secure stability

1.5mm cut front side veneer - secure durability
ClimEight Door
ClimEight Door ClimEight Door ClimEight Door ClimEight Door ClimEight Door