Benlowe Doors.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the character of your property or simply improve security, Benlowe has a wide range of door products suitable for every need.

If you are building, refurbishing or renovating Benlowe can offer a variety choices and expertise best suited to your budget.

Where ever possible we will select the most Eco- Friendly timber and are able to supply doorsets with full FSC® certification. We are totally committed and ensure that all timber purchased is sourced from sustained managed forests, being able to produce a full audited chain of custody certificates.

To ensure the highest quality we constantly audit the flow through manufacture under the latest British standards ISO 9001-2008. No product is delivered without the having been thoroughly inspected and tested.

Our wide range of paint, stain, veneer and through colour finishes complement the completed product, offering years of guaranteed protection.

Choose your glazing, ironmongery and locking system to add the finishing touches to the complete doorset system.